Speaking Unit 13 : Films And Cinema


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Teacher’s name: Nguyen Thi Ngoc MaiDate of preparing: Date of teaching: Subject: English 10 UNIT 13: FILM and CINEMAPeriod 80 Lesson 2: SpeakingA. Objectives1. Education aims: By the over of the lesson, students will be able to:- Know more some kinds of film2. Knowledge a. General knowledge: - Students can talk about some favourite kinds of film. B. Language: - The simple present tense. - Vocabulary lớn describe films.3.Skill: - Asking and answering questions about film.- Talking about favourtite kinds of film.- Expressing attitudes, preferences.B. Teaching preparationTeacher: Text book, lesson plan, exercisesStudents: Look up, vocabulary, do exercises.C. Procedure.I. Class organization.II. Checking old lesson: Checking during the new lesson.III. New lessonStage /TimeTeacher’s activitiesStudent’s activities1.Warm-up(5 minutes)- Organize a mini game.- Divide ss into 2 big groups- Give requirement- Play a video clip including some names of film và give students some pieces of papers having some kinds of film.- Ask students lớn work in group, watch the clip and arrange kinds of film in order of appearance in the clip.- After finishing watching the video ss of each group will go to the board and stick kinds of film in order.- Which group arrange quickly & correctly will be winner. - Give feedback - Base on kinds of film on the board teacher lead ss into new lesson* Lead-in: Unit 13 – Films and Cinema – Speaking.- Listen the requirement- Work in groups - Go to the board and give answer Suggested answerRomantic filmWar filmCartoon filmHorror filmDetective filmThriller film2. Preparationa.Before-speaking(10 minutes)Aims: to lớn focus students on the topics và to introduce the words and phrases used in the task.Task 1: How much vì chưng you lượt thích each kind of film? Put a tick in the right column. Then compare your answers with a partner’s. - Ask students to lớn read the requirement of the task 1.- Explain the requirements of the task 1.- Give example & make a mã sản phẩm Do you lượt thích cartoon films? - Yes, very much. - No, not very much. - No, not at all. - Ask sts lớn tick the boxes that suit their preferences for a particular type of films.- Ask sts khổng lồ compare their answers with a partner.- điện thoại tư vấn on some pairs to give their answers- Read the requirement - Listen lớn teacher - Listen to lớn teacher make model- Practice asking and answering with their partner.- Some pairs of Ss stand up & speak aloud the answer.b.While-speaking(15 minutes)Aim: Students can talk about types of film.Task 2: Find out what your friends feel about each kind of film. Use the words in the table below- Explain the requirement of Task 2- Ask Ss khổng lồ brainstorm all the adjectives to express feeling when we watch a film: Ss work in group of 3 and list all the adj they know in 2 minutes.- Ask Ss in each group give words and teacher write on the board into 2 kinds: positive và negative- Ask ss to talk about the difference between 2 kinds.- điện thoại tư vấn Ss to lớn read the example in the book and explain the role of each person in the dialogue- Ask ss to work in group of 3 and practice speaking in 3 minutes.- hotline some groups lớn practice speaking about some kinds of film before class base on some pictures which teacher show on the slide.- Ask other ss listen.- Give feedbackTask 3: Find out his/her preferences for films. Use the cue below. - Ask ss khổng lồ read and explain requirement of the task 3- Read and explain example in the book. Then, teacher introduces about the structure in the task 3:prefer sth to lớn sth-This structure can be help sts khổng lồ talk about their preferences.- Ask ss to work in pairs and practice speaking basing on the mã sản phẩm conversation.- Ask some pairs to practise the dialogues.- Give feedbacks.-Listen lớn the teacherSuggested answer- interesting- moving- good fun- violent - boring- exciting- terrifying- Give adjective- Work in groups.- Create a dialogue using the table and practice with their partners.- Raise hand & play the dialogue in front of the class.- Read the requirement of the task- Listen lớn teacher- Work in pairs.- Create a conversation basing on the sample dialogue & the kinds of films they have just learned.- Raise hand and make the same conversation in front of the class.c. After-speaking(10 minutes)Aim: students can talk about the film they have seenTask 4: Talk about a film you have seen. Use the suggestion below.-Ask ss read requirement of the task.-Explain the requirement of the task. - show a picture about a film: “Tom & Jerry” và ask ss some question.1. Have you ever seen this film?2. What is the name of this film?- Go through và explain the questions and make model with whole class.- Ask ss all the questions in the book & suggest them khổng lồ answers.- Ask Ss to work in group, practice talking about a film they have seen, using the suggested questions in the book.- Ask other ss listen. Then teacher may ask other students give comment.- Give feedback.-Read the requirement of the task.-Listen to teacher, anwers question of teacher.- Talking about a film they have seen.- Practice with their partner on 4 minutes.- Stand up and speak aloud a film they have ever seen.Suggestion:I have ever many films but the film I lượt thích best is “ Tom và Jerry”. I watched it at home and the kind of the film is “ Cartoon”.There are two main characters: Tom và Jerry. The film talk about the contest of wills between a cat & a mouse. When watching this film, I fell vevy happy và interesting because it can help me relax. IV. Consolidation (2 minutes)- review some basic points in the lesson.V. Trang chủ work (3 minutes)- Prepare the new lesson: Unit 13 – Films and Cinema – Listening- Talk about another film you have seen.