Trentham, Staffordshire


Visit the award-winning Trentmê mẩn Gardens, for shopping and eating out, peace và quiet, fun and action!

Indulge yourself at the newly expanded Trentyêu thích Shopping Village with shops, cafés, restaurants & the vast mê Garden Centre, it’s perfect for shopping.

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Get involved in one of our fantastic events.

Walk with 140 Barbary macaques at the Monkey Forest. Amaze yourself as you take on Treetop Adventures. Stay over at the Premier Inn Hotel.

Bring your frien

ds and family khổng lồ this central location - near Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire.



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Best things khổng lồ vì at Trentsay mê, Stoke-on-Trent

Trentđắm đuối Fairy Trail
Keep your eyes peeled as you walk around our beautiful mile-long lake, và through the woodl& & garden, where the Fairies at Trentmê man live.
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Disc Golf at
Enjoy a game of disc golf in the fresh air on our spacious outdoor vanphongphamsg.vnurse - a perfect activity for family and friends khổng lồ enjoy safely.
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Trentmê man Gardens Activity Pack
Make a walk around the lake và gardens more fun for kids as they find the fairies, hunt for history & watch out for spring wildlife!
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Garden Gazebo Hire
Make your visit khổng lồ Trentsi mê Gardens extra magical by hiring a Garden Gazebo overlooking the lake.

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Pop-up vanphongphamsg.vnvid-19 Testing Van
A pop-up testing van will be at Trentđam mê Shopping Village located next to lớn Cadwaladers providing supervised rapid testing khổng lồ make it easier for people khổng lồ get tested.
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Your Questions Answered
We want lớn keep our valued members and visitors updated about how we are managing The Trentđắm đuối Estate in line with current restrictions. So we've put together a little guide answering your most frequently asked questions.
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📣 Trentsi Live 📣
From 3 – 5 September 2021, Staffordshire’s Trentđắm say Estate will welvanphongphamsg.vnme some of the world’s biggest music stars to their new music sự kiện Live sầu including headliners McFly, The Vamps, Alfie Boe & more.
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Book as an Annual Member
We're so pleased lớn welvanphongphamsg.vnme our loyal annual members back khổng lồ the gardens. Head to lớn our ticketing trang web and log in lớn access the annual member booking slots.
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How lớn Book Tickets
For information on how to lớn book your tickets with the new pre-booking option, please cliông xã here.
Booking Your Tickets
Glorious Gardens
Whether you’re looking for a garden with peace và quiet, or fun and action you will find a great day out here at Trentmê man.

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Trentđắm đuối Gardens
New One Way System
Familiarise yourself with the changes to lớn our paths và routes around the gardens và lakeside khổng lồ ensure that social distancing can be easily adhered khổng lồ.
One Way System
The Trentđắm đuối Estate, Stone Road, Trentđắm đuối, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire ST4 8JG
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