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Cao Tach Tran, MD, PhD, is a physician at Lifespan Cardiovascular Institute. He earned his medical and doctoral degree at the University of Copenharen in Denmark và completed his residency at the North Shore University Hospital at Hofstra North Shore School of Medicine. He completed his fellowship in general cardiology at the University of South Alabama và a fellowship in clinical cardiac electrophysiology at Johns Hopkins University.

Dr. Tran’s academic interests include sudden cardiac death, potassium dynamics, & mechanisms of arrhythmias with special focus on modulators of cardiac repolarization. He has taught several courses in anatomy, physiology, và evidence-based medicine. He is a thành viên of the American Medical Association, Danish Medical Association, và Danish Society of Cardiology. Affiliations

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Education & Training

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Year Degree Institution
2009 PhD University of Copenharen
2002 MD University of Copenhagene