Thùy Châu


Thủy Châu ecotourism is located in Di An Town, Binh Duong, which is only 20km from Ho đưa ra Minh thành phố so it is very convenient for travel. This 18-hectare area is covered with nature together with artificial landscapes combining with rivers, streams, forest systems, artificial waterfalls to create. All of these factors create a green, clean & fresh atmosphere.

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The moment you arrive at the gate, the very first scenery in front is the entrance with the rows of green trees along both sides, creating an exciting và comfortable feeling. Inside Thủy Châu area, it will make you “lost” in the natural world with green plants, murmuring streams, birds singing … All these things have created such a wonderful landscape that no one can believe this is a man-made tourist attraction.

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Swimming pool

Food is an indispensable thing when traveling, và also there is a Pacific restaurant that serves particularly delicious food with an extensive menu, reasonable prices, enthusiastic staffs và thorough services.But if you want lớn experience the “real” outdoor picnic, you can prepare your own food và have a pinic in the forest or along the stream. Và after all, bởi not forget lớn clean up when leaving khổng lồ keep the ecotourism clean. Furthermore, there are also rental services for canvas, oven, grill and alcohol.

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Let’s temporarily get out of the noisy, smoky city & enjoy yourself in fresh air, in a comfortable and relaxing mood without any worries. Come here, family & friends gather together, and all of you will certainly get unforgettable moments.