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Pirate Island, which always creates curiosity in its name. This place is famous for its beautiful natural landscape, the green of the mountains, the clear sea water and the white sand stretches that attract people to come. The Pirate Islands has become an attractive tourist destination in Kien Giang because of its wildness and mystery that promises to bring visitors a trip with many interesting experiences. I would like to share with you the Guide to Travel Hai Tac Island in Kien Giang, Vietnam.

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Some features about Hai Tac Island

Hai Tac Island is another name is Ha Tien archipelago, including 18 islands (16 big and small islands and 2 sinking islands), including: Tre Island(also called Doc Island), Tre Nho Island, Tre Vinh Island, Doi Moi Lon Island, Doi Moi Nho Island, Hon Giang Island, Duoc Island, U Island, Banh Tet Island, Banh It Island, Ruoi Island, Banh Lay Island, Kien Vang Island, Banh To Island, Banh Quy Island, Phu Tu Island, Da Noi 1 Island and Da Noi 2 Island. The total natural area is more than 251 ha. Population is concentrated in Hon Tre Lon – Hon Doc. The entire archipelago belongs to Tien Hai Commune, Ha Tien City, Kien Giang Province. The archipelago is about 28km from the coast of Ha Tien and about 40km from Phu Quoc Island.


Fishing village on Hai Tac Island.

True to its name, Hai Tac Island is associated with many stories and mysteries related to pirates. Located in the Ha Tien – Rach Gia bay area to the Gulf of Thailand, an important trade route from China to the West, around the end of the 17th century, early 18th century, this area was the place where pirates ambushed and attacked passing merchant ships. Until the early years of the 20th century, piracy was still raging in this sea.


The image reconstructed of a pirate boat in the past on Hai Tac Island.

Several decades ago, a foreigner entered the island with the intention of searching for treasure. In addition, the story of a 300-year-old map only leads to the treasure hidden on the island along with a large amount of ancient coins found here, have made Hai Tac Island extremely mysterious and special. Not long ago, islanders discovered many ancient coins scattered in some remote spots on the island.

What is the best time to travel on Hai Tac Island?

It is possible to travel to Hai Tac Island in all seasons of the year, but the best time is in the dry season from November to April next year. Because the sea is quite calm and clear during this time, so those who suffer from seasickness will also reduce the discomfort of traveling by boat. Before the trip, keep an eye on the weather forecast to avoid rainy days.

How to go to Hai Tac Island?

From Ho Chi Minh City, you can take a private car or a coach from companies such as Phuong Trang, Tuan Nga, Kumho … to Ha Tien, to visit places in Ha Tien and from Ha Tien to Hai Tac island. From Ha Tien, you need to go to Ha Tien pier (Kim Du Street, To Chau Ward, Ha Tien Town, Kien Giang Province) to buy a high-speed ship ticket, a common ship ticket to Hai Tac Island. High speed ships take 30 minutes, or common trains take 75 minutes. On Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays, there are 2 ships every day from Ha Tien to Hai Tac Islands and 2 shipss from Island back to Ha Tien depart at 9 am and return at 14:30. On weekdays there is only one ship at 9am from Ha Tien and 14:30 from Hai Tac Islands. Therefore, you should pay attention to arrange a reasonable time when planning to go to the island during this time period. Note, on rough days, there will be no ships going to the island. It is best to call down Ha Tien pier to ask for information in advance.

How to go around Hai Tac Island?

On the island, you can walk, rent bicycles, motocyles without fear of getting lost, because the whole island has only one road, one side is majestic mountains, the other is a very beautiful sea.Bạn có thể thuê xe đạp đi dạo vòng quanh đảoIf not, you take a motorbike taxi at a very affordable price to have more a guide for this exploration.In addition, if you can arrange the time you should also go to the port to hire a boat to run around the island and visit other small islands in the Hai Tac archipelago. Remember the agreement before you go.

Accommodations on Hai Tac Island

Unlike other islands, although it is a beautiful archipelago, tourism in Hai Tac Island is still very unspoiled. Hai Tac Island is currently not very developed of hotel and guesthouse system. Therefore you absolutely cannot find any modern accommodations on the island. However, in return, you will experience the idyllic life on the island. You can rent a room homestays of the local people to relax and experience a simple life with fishermen, go fishing together, experience fish farming on the sea and cook, eat, cultural exchange, and sing amateurs with the host like living together in the family.

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What to do on Pirate Island?

Hai Tac Island has 16 islands, of which Hon Tre (Hon Doc) is the largest main island and also the center of Ha Tien island commune, with the largest concentration of population. Coming here, you can freely immerse yourself in the immense blue and white beach, play exciting games on the beach or rent diving gear to watch the coral reefs and explore the underwater world with many marine creatures.


Sea space is extremely peaceful and pristine on Pirate Island in Ha Tien.


You can travel around pirate island by motorbike to see the whole island, on the way you can visit Ba Pagoda (Lady Pagoda). In addition, do not miss to see the national sovereignty stele built in 1958 with the full name of 16 islands in the Hai Tac archipelago.


The road around Hai Tac Island.


The national sovereignty stele on Hai Tac Island.

Eating and drinking on Hai Tac island

Because it is an island tourist area, the delicious and famous dishes in Hai Tac Island are mainly seafood dishes such as fish, grouper, shrimp, squid, crab, sea urchin … Especially, the price of seafood Products in Hai Tac island are very cheap, not too expensive like other tourist areas: The price of mackerel, grouper is only about 120,000 VND – 140,000 VND / kg, cockles are about 20,000 VND, crabs are about 130,000 VND / kg …


The delicious seafood dishes on Pirate Island.

What to note when traveling to Hai Tac Island?

– Hai Tac Island is very short of fresh water, when traveling here, visitors should save. On the island there is national electricity grid, but you should still prepare in advance, backup charger and 3G / 4G sim to comfortably enjoy the journey.

– Keeping clean, not littering to protect the pristine beauty of this pristine island is something visitors should always remember.

– Wear weather-appropriate clothes, in addition, some things like sunscreen, motion sickness medicine, stomach ache medicine … should always be brought with you.

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On the upcoming vacation, if you want to find a change, find something a little new, try coming Kien Giang, experience a vacation on a strange island called Hai Tac. Hopefully the above sharing will help you who are planning to explore Hai Tac Island will have more information for the trip more complete and interesting.