●◐Alicization: Reimagined◑●【Alicezuberg X Male!Reader! X Oc】 ۩Sao: Alicization۩

THIS IS A MANGA ONLY DISCUSSION POST. Do NOT DISCUSS ANYTHING BEYOND THIS CHAPTER.----------------------------------------Disclaimer: I've read the raws (which can be found on saoscans blog) so please don't ask 'where can I read it?/where did you read it?' Either you read (from) there or wait for the translations.

Bạn đang xem: ●◐alicization: reimagined◑●【alicezuberg x male!reader! x oc】 ۩sao: alicization۩

Well, that was a really short chapter that consisted of mere 14 pages (11 pages + 3 pages of 'credits'). Và I must say that Yamada-sensei is adapting this arc pretty well thus far. Anyways, about this chapter's content:- Kirito has a 'flashback' about the Rulid Trio;- He contemplates how 'real' the Underworld feels lượt thích and thinks about some other stuff;- Best boy Eugeo appears, calls him and subsequently offers a handshake to him. 3/5.Manga/LN comparison

Eugeo always looked a lot older inside my head although there were pictures of him in the novels as well. Everything feels so different when you can see the characters. Still brings nostalgia and awesomeness

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