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Stop the bus game1. What kind of animal is called as a pet at home? a.Lion b. Cát c.Duck d. Buffola2. Why aren’t we allowed to lớn cut down trees? a. Cause flood b. Keep the soil c. Supply the air d. All are correct3. Why bởi people hunt or capture animals? a. Because of their hobby b. Because of their entertainment c. Because of their recreation d. All are correct4.What activity vày we harm the environment? a. Burn the garbage b. Plant more trees c. Clean the neighborhood d. Keep the water clean5. Why vày we use fertilizers? a.To kill the crops b. To make the crops better c.

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To make land better d. Both b và c6.If we kill animals more often, what will happen in the future? a.Animals will have more b.Animals will have less c. Animals will become extinct d. Animals will be less crowded7. When lots of cars release more smoke into the air, what happens? a.Have water pollution b. Have air pollution c. Have land pollution d. Have noise pollution8. Why vày human beings kill the animals? a.For fur b. For skin c. For food d. For a, b, và c9. What is the topic for these questions above? a.The people b. The animal c.The earth d. The natureUnit 10: Nature in danger SPEAKINGVocabularyHUNTINGCAPTUREcultivationTask 1•. What activity should or shouldn’t we vị to protect the nature? •Clean our houses everyday •Cut down trees for wood •Kill endangered animals for fur, skin ,and food •Use fertilizers & pesticides for cultivationPlant more trees in the forest and in the city. Collect the garbage in the streets Throw the trash out of the street. •Burn the forests •Keep animals as pets •Discharge chemical pollutants into the environmentTask 2Killing endangered animals for fur, skin ,and food 1 Keeping animals as pets 2 Hunting or capturing animals for recreation/entertainment 3 Using fertilizers and pesticides for cultivation 4 Burning the forests Cutting down trees for wood 5 6 Discharging chemical pollutants into the environment 7Task 3:page 118 Structure S + SHOULD BE + V3/EDConversation 1 A: Hello, can I ask you a question? B: Yes, why not? A: Should we hunt or capture the animal for recreation or entertainment? (task 1) B: Oh, It’s a stupid question. A: Why vày you say so? B: Because animals should not be captured for recreation & entertainment. (task 2) A: What should we do then? B: We should look after or put them in the zoos. A: That’s a good idea.THANK YOU