Soạn Anh 11 Unit 2


Unit 2personal experiencesLanguage focusPronunciation Listen and repeat/m/ /n/ /η/may nose wrongmake nine runningsummer money bringing trang chủ seven singsmall snow morningPractice reading aloud these sentences.1. Good morning. I want an apartment in central London.2.We have an inexpensive apartment in Northend Advenue3.I remember meeting him on a nice summer afternoon.4.Mr King is sing next door.5.He’s holding a string in his fingers.6.He loves spending his holidays in his small summer house Grammar1. Present simple indicating past time2. Tense revision: The past simple, past progressive và past perfectPresent simple indicating past timeEg: The story is about a poor boy who lives with his family in a country.The article explains why the number of students who passed the last exam decreases.2. Tense revision: The past simple, past progressive and past perfectThe past simple:S + v-ed + o form simple + oEg: He lived in a small flat in Paris in 1982 She bought a dictionary in the bookshop yesterday.The past progressive S + V-ing + O S = chủ ngữ V-ing = rượu cồn từ + ing O = tân ngữ Be = was, were Eg: She was watching TV at eight o’clock last night. Simple past perfectS + had + PII + O I had learnt English for four years before I went to lớn Ha noi. Differences between the simple past and simple past perfect tenseWhen I arrived the station the train had left.Exercise 1: Use the correct present tense forms of the verbs in brackets in the story below. The first one has been done for you as an exampleThe story is about a girl called Little Red Riding Hood who (o live) lives with her mother. Little Red Riding Hood’s grandmother (1 invite) ……… her to her cottage, so one fine day she (2 set) .. Off khổng lồ visit her. The little girl (3 get) .. Ready, (4 wave) .. Goodbye khổng lồ her mother and (5 promise) lớn be careful. On her arm she (6 carry) a basket which (7 contain) a cake her mother (8 bake) .. Specially. It (9 be) .a lovely spring morning, the sun (10 shine) & the birds (11 sing) . , happy that the winter (12 be) ……….. Over invitessetsgetswavespromisescarriescontainsHas bakedIs Is shiningAre singingIs Exercise 2Complete the sentences by putting the verbs into the past simple or past progressive1. He his arm when he . .football. (break, play)2.

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Julia her first novel when she ..19 years old. (write, be).3. I .on the computer when the fire ..out. (work, break). 4. When it rain, they.. Through the forest. (start, walk).5. He about his marriage when we …… afternoon tea (tell, have).6. Sorry, I . Lớn you. I .about something else (not listen, think)7. I you last night, but you what .?(phone, not answer, do).8. Mary her glasses at the time, so she ………..what kind of car the man .(not wear, not notice, drive)brokeWas playingwrotewas Was workingbrokeStarted Were walkingtoldwere havingdidn’t listenwas thinkingphoneddidn’t answerwere doingWasn’t wearing didn’t noticewas drivingExercise 3 Write the sentences, putting the verbs in each sentence into the past simple or perfect1.They (eat) everything by the time I (arrive) at the party.2. When I (find) my purse, someone (take) the money out of it.3. By the time I (get) into town, the shops (close).4. When they (get) khổng lồ the station, the train (leave).5. By the time you (get) her letter, she (arrive) in Paris.6. The police (pay) no attention to lớn Clare’s complaint because she (phone) them so many times before.7. I (go) khổng lồ the post office to ask about my package, but they (say) that it (not arrive) yet.8. When I (look) at the new dress for half an hour, I (ask) how much it (cost)……….Had eaten / arriveFound/ had takenGot / had closedGot / had leftGot / had arrivePaid / had phonedWent / said/ hadn’t arrivedHad looked/ asked/ costThe Endgoodbye see you again

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