One piece manga chapter 925


In today’s post, we are going lớn discuss the One Piece Manga Chapter 925 and the possibilities it may hold.

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In the previous chapters of One Piece, Luffy was enraged when Kaido attacked his friends near the ruins of Lord Oden’s castle.

Following this, we saw Luffy getting into a jail along with a fellow thành viên of the Worst Generation, Eustass Kid.

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He managed to land some blows against the King of the Beasts, but was ultimately easily và utterly knocked out by him.

What’s interesting is that Kid was fed poisonous fish by Kaido’s men!

Eustass Kid in Kaido’s Prison

What seems to lớn be happening in the prison, is that the Beast Pirates are trying to lớn somehow break the spirits of Kid and Luffy, to lớn succeed in making them their subordinates.

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What awaits us in Chapter 925?

Chapter 924 marked the over of the so-called first act of the Wano Kingdom arc.

What awaits us in the next chapter?

We have a week of break in front of us, so what better way khổng lồ spend our time than on predictions và theories?