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----------------------------------------Whoa, so Pudding inherits the blood of the Three Eye tribe...interesting.Lol, that baron has the size of a chicken. I just found that to be really silly. Yeah, I have a feeling Luffy will meet up with Sanji soon.

Brook is captured.Big Mom aiming for Raftel. Pedro taking down Tamago's chicken form.LOL nice art Carrot. Luffy on his way to Sanji.
"I’ve phối myself khổng lồ become the King of the Pirates…and if I die trying…then at least I tried!" Monkey D. Luffy (One Piece)

A great chapter from One Piece.Pudding has inherited the blood of the Three Eye tribe....very interestingBaron 's form as a chicken is completing silly.Luffy could be meeting up with Sanji very soon.

Pretty decent chapter. Was hoping for than 14 pages after the break, oh well. Barto in the cover tho. I miss that guy :PCarrot's drawing were dope hahah. Loving Pedro as well. I vị hope we get a mink on the crew tbh. This is the first time I'm seeing Brook naked hahaha. There was nothing on him, did he already make a copy of the Poneglyph và hid it in his skull? I'm secretly hoping he didn't and Luffy somehow learns more about the VOAT in this arc. Was interesting to lớn learn about Roger though. Hoping Sanji finally fights back now.
Woah woah...Purin even has that going for her :o no wonder shes BMs fav. I wonder what the awakening of the 3rd eye does exactlyBrook being disgraced like that :( Carrots bishounen art was so hilarious xD Loved that luffy met Reiju và now going to lớn the promised place. The pacing of this arc is insanely good
Awesome chapter.Very interesting info at the beginning, Roger met Big Mom before going lớn Raftel. The 'Voice of All Things' bomb was dropped again, Roger was able lớn read the poneglyphs through this ability. Perhaps the more important thing this chapter was the fact that Big Mom mentioned that she could be able to lớn develop this ability in which case this is gonna so interesting. I suspect Pudding's Third Eye awakening might have something to vì with it. Who know? Damn, I can't wait khổng lồ see how all this is gonna play out.Also I love that Luffy met Reiju's và still refused to eat. Big Words coming from him. Off lớn the place lớn wait for Sanji, I really hope Sanji comes back & make Luffy that much needed meal.Carrot's drawing was hilarious. XD
Brook got taken out, not surprisingly. So Big Mom encountered Roger back then & he used the Voice of All Things lớn read the poneglyph, that bit of information was really interesting. Seems like she's trying to lớn get Pudding khổng lồ unlock that ability through her third eye. Lol Tamago turned into a chicken seemed really silly. I liked that short scene between Luffy and Reiju, & of course Luffy is still refusing to eat. Hopefully this arc ends soon so the man can get some damn food in his belly lol.

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3/5 too much filler. Enjoyable chapter, but all the Brook hype gone. His buildup lead lớn nothing. The buildup for Pedro vs Tamago gone. Also lead to nothing.Comedy was fine, but at this point Luffy and Sanji should have met. Reiu was pointless.
"If taking responsibility for a mistake that cannot be undone means death, it's not that hard to die. At least, not as hard as khổng lồ live on."
Brook was captured by Mama.Pedro went full serious bombing the whole area but was rescued by Chopper và Carrot.Lol'd at that drawing.Reiju hides Luffy from Mom's soldiers and then he goes back to lớn the same spot refusing khổng lồ eat lượt thích he promised to lớn Sanji who currently believes there is no turning back.Great chapter this week.
Sorry but i can't take Luffy's promise serious when he just ate a lifetime supply of crackers lolReiju bottomless though... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)Interesting knowing that those three fellas(Cloud, hat and sun) have a piece of Momma's own soulMaybe they're the key khổng lồ defeat her? lượt thích horcrux or something like that idk
Just as I thought, we wouldn't see anything from the Brook vs Big Mom fight, & he gets off-screen K.O.'d. Maybe he still has something up his sleeve?Also we hear about this voice of everything again.We knew Roger, Luffy, & Momonosuke are able to lớn hear the voice of ancient creatures. I wonder if Luffy will be able to "read" somehow those poneglyphs, although I'm not even sure if Luffy has enough brain to lớn read a normal text though. By the way, we don't know anything about Luffy's mom. Maybe his mother was the thành viên of the 3-eyed clan, & so was Roger's, & that's why they have those strange "voice" abilities sometimes? According lớn Big Mom that clan can develop it.
Brook got rekt. Barron Tamago can evolve every time he's cut. Pudding is descended from the Three Eye race which has abilities lớn rival Roger's Hearing The Voice Of All Things. Pudding would make a good Shoujo artist. Luffy is cray. Reiju's panties.I wonder if Pudding is lying about her eye being unawakened.

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A 3 eye hmm, well nothing new Big Mom will "f" anything, OMG. The poor population of men that had to, those poor men. I think whatever Pudding wants lớn talk about, it has to do with Lola, that is the only thing that comes khổng lồ mind. Wouldn't be convent if Lola just happened khổng lồ be at Zeff's restrurant, that would kill two birds with one stone for Big Mom wouldn't it, & I mean literally kill two birds.The highlight chapter or me has lớn Carrot & her heart, Oda where did you come up with that idea for those drawings. Luffy meeting up with Reijiu finally they meet again, and perhaps they can have a little alliance to save Sanji, though of course Reijiu could turn on them at anytime if Judge orders her to, so it is tough to lớn ally with someone who is in someone's control, but hopefully at the end of this arc, not only will she live, but gain her freedom. So Sanji has a plan, interesting to lớn see what he does here. Sanji is not the dumbest character in the crew, so interesting what plan he comes up with, he is no Nami, still smarter than most of the Strawhats especially the Captain.