One-Punch Man: 10 Characters Who Underestimated Saitama (và Paid The Price) While villains often dismiss Saitama as no real threat, his fellow heroes tend lớn vì the same thing.

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Saitama looking at Genos during their all out training session và Garou
Despite having a reputation for finishing his opponents in one punch, Saitama doesn"t look very strong. However, over the course of his three-year hero career, Saitama has taken down dozens of monsters, enemies, và villains, keeping the people of various cities safe from utter destruction.

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Some of these foes may have stood more of a chance had they truly understood the threat they faced. Saitama trained intensely in order to lớn become the hero he is today. He even went so far as khổng lồ sacrifice his hair, & some might argue a piece of his humanity. While villains often dismiss Saitama as no real threat, his fellow heroes tover to do the same thing.

Anime One Punch Man Genos Ready
The first time Genos và Saitama meet, Saitama is in hot pursuit of a mosquito before he comes across Genos taking on a swarm of mosquitos being controlled by Mosquito Girl. Saitama arrives in casualwear, spraying bug spray, yelling about how it got in his mouth. Upon seeing such a sight, Genos asks himself who this idiot is?

Viewing Saitama as a potential casualty, Genos held back a little bit in an effort khổng lồ allow Saitama khổng lồ get lớn safety. Before long, Mosquilớn Girl had turned the tables and was about khổng lồ finish Genos off before Saitama stepped in to save the day. After seeing Saitama squash Mosquito Girl with just a slap, he immediately begged Saitama to lớn become his disciple and now strives each and every day to reach his master"s cấp độ of power.

Anime One Punch Man Beast King
The Beast King was an insanely cocky foe & was so hellbent on killing Saitama that he even killed a few of his allies while trying. Beast King even enters a sort of berserker frenzy state where his claws become larger và his moves become significantly faster, he even cuts down full buildings as Saitama casually evades hyên before retaliating.

While Genos is interrogating Armored Gorilla, he refuses khổng lồ talk và says that even though Genos defeated him, he stood no chance of defeating Beast King. Saitama then walks over holding one of the Beast King"s eyes before asking Armored Gorilla if that was the guy he was talking about, resulting in Armored Gorilla spilling all the beans.

After Saitama revealed that his god-lượt thích strength came from relatively standard strength training, Carnage Kabulớn refused to believe sầu hyên. He then proceeds lớn transsize into his Carnage Mode khung so he can teach Saitama a lesson about true power.

Fans are concerned when Kabuto lớn appears khổng lồ have the upper hand, tossing Saitama about the ring like a ragdoll. However, it is revealed that Saitama was merely focused on a great sale & once he realized he was missing it, he took out his frustration on Carnage Kabulớn. Kabuto lớn won"t get the chance khổng lồ underestimate him again as he exploded from the impact of the punch.

7 Class A Rank 37, Snakebite Snek (Biting Snake Fist Sneck)

Saitama is incredibly goofy và scored painfully low on the written portion of the hero exam. Snek is shocked khổng lồ hear that such a dumb goofball had a perfect score on the physical portion of the exam. Despite Saitama"s physical score, Snek took it upon himself to lớn teach Saitama a lesson about the hero world.

Snek attempts to lớn jump Saitama after he leaves the Hero Association, but it does not end well for Snek. Not only does Saitama barely recognize hlặng, but he also handles Snek in a matter of about one second. Before Snek even knew what struông chồng hyên ổn, he was on the ground with a swollen face.

The Deep Sea King put down a lot of heroes before Saitama made it lớn the fight. He made quichồng work of Puri Puri Prisoner và would have gotten Speed-O-Sound Sonic if Sonic hadn"t been fast enough to escape. The Sea King even took down Genos with a massive acid loogie before turning his attentions to Mumen Rider.

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Once Saitama arrived, Deep Sea King expected hyên ổn khổng lồ be just another weakling. After delivering a powerful punch lớn the baông xã of Saitama"s head, Saitama was unphased and the Deep Sea King was in utter disbelief. Saitama then returned the favor with a punch of his own, which caused the rain khổng lồ stop temporarily & the upper half of the Deep Sea King"s body toàn thân lớn explode.

5 The Telekinetic Bore, Geryuganshoop

Despite watching Saitama power his way through Lord Boros" warship, Geryunganshoop couldn"t believe sầu that one person could cause such damage. Once Saitama found Geryuganshoop, the tentacled telekinetic tried to lớn best Saitama with some of his typical attacks including a powerful gravity wave sầu & a telekinetic shower of rubble.

Geryuganshoop may have realized that Saitama was a legitimate threat, but still underestimated him during their fight. He essentially watched Saitama kill half of the crew in a matter of minutes, yet still felt his usual techniques would vì chưng the trick. Saitama even notes how Geryuganshoop is failing khổng lồ use his powers effectively before splitting his head with a pebble.

Even after Saitama handled some of Boros" most powerful underlings, he still underestimated Saitama when their battle began. As the battle progressed Boros admits to lớn underestimating Saitama and then decided to lớn go full power to lớn try & win.

In the kết thúc, Saitama proved lớn be way too much for the Dominator of the Universe to lớn handle. Once Boros became a threat lớn the đô thị, Saitama used a serious punch khổng lồ instantly over the fight. Boros humbly accepted defeat, and finally realized the power of his opponent, before he peacefully died in a smoldering pile.

3 Class S Rank 7, Saitama"s New Friover, King

While King và Saitama have never been adversaries, aside from when they"re playing video games, King is another anh hùng that severely underestimated Saitama. Before witnessing his power firsthvà, King was shocked that such a weird little man was able to lớn sneak inkhổng lồ his home without hyên ổn knowing.

Not only did Saitama find out that King was playing a private lewd Clip game, but he also found out that King is actually a fraud. Saitama doesn"t care much about that sort of thing & suggested King come clean, but has no intention of outing his new buddy. However, with more people in on King"s secret, how much longer can he maintain his S Class status?

This massive Boss would have never thought that a human being would be capable of killing hyên, while Blast (Class S Rank 1) came cthua thảm, he was certainly an exception to lớn the average human. What Centichoro didn"t know was that Saitama is another exception, and he may even be more powerful than Blast.

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Centichoro was charging full tốc độ toward King after he taunted the giant insectoid about his near-death at the hands of Blast. Saitama stepped in at the last moment khổng lồ save King from utter annihilation, but that didn"t stop Centichoro, he didn"t even slow down. Once he made tương tác with Saitama"s fist, the Elder Centipede"s entire body toàn thân disintegrated.

1 The Hero Hunter, Garou

While the official Garou vs Saitama fight has yet khổng lồ happen, fans have seen a few quiông chồng interactions between the Hero Hunter and the Caped Baldy. Each time, Saitama has gotten the better of Garou in an embarrassing fashion. The first time they met, Saitama was trying lớn get some very important shopping done, but Garou got in the way. Saitama quickly knocked hlặng out with a swift karate chop & nothing more.

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The second time, Garou was actually going after King so it"s fair lớn assume he may not have recognized Saitama or even noticed he was there, before deciding khổng lồ attaông xã. Saitama kicked Garou through a wall, và again Garou was knocked unconscious by the titular hero. Perhaps the third time will be the charm for Garou, or perhaps Saitama will finish hyên once and for all.