The end of one piece’s wano arc and who should be a straw hat pirate

One Piece"s vast worldbuilding and intricate storylines have produced exciting arcs for fans to lớn enjoy.


When it comes lớn storytelling, Eiichiro Oda’s flagship series, One Piece, is nothing short of a masterpiece. Since 1997, the pirate-filled shonen has grown into one of the greatest, most-beloved stories of all time. After so many years of adventure, comedy, và fantastic fight scenes, there is no shortage of fan-favorite narrative arcs to lớn choose from within the series.

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For some fans, many of One Piece's best moments occur around the start of the show. Others claim that Monkey D. Luffy's adventures pick up steam as they go, resulting in higher-quality story arcs across the board during the series' second half. In reality, One Piece has been a massive success since its inception, & its best arcs are spread throughout the entirety of its impressive 25-year syndication.

Updated on January 11th, 2022 by Kennedy King: One Piece has officially moved into what has been confirmed to lớn be its final saga, placing Monkey D. Luffy within striking distance of his long-time goal — becoming the Pirate King. Because of these developments, more & more fans are reflecting upon the legacy left by each of the series' narrative arcs. While every one of these story arcs adds something to the series, there are a few that are still far superior lớn their peers.

The following contains spoilers for One Piece through the kết thúc of its Wano Country arc. video OF THE DAY

25 Orange Town Arc

Episodes 4-8


When the Orange Town arc begins, the Straw Hat Pirates are in dire straits. Neither Monkey D. Luffy nor Roronoa Zoro possesses any navigational abilities, which results in them floating adrift until they stumble upon the quiet island housing Orange Town.

By the kết thúc of the Orange Town arc, Luffy và Zoro are introduced khổng lồ two characters that go on lớn play major roles in One Piece's narrative: Nami và Buggy the Clown. The introduction of these two characters alone would cement this arc's place in One Piece history, but thanks khổng lồ a few fun fights between the Straw Hat trio và the Buggy Pirates, it slots among the show's best.


Every great shonen journey starts somewhere, và for Monkey D. Luffy và Roronoa Zoro, that somewhere is One Piece's Romance Dawn arc. During this brief arc (which consists of the show's first three episodes), Luffy makes his desire to become the Pirate King known far và wide, starting with his pink-haired acquaintance, Koby.

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In addition lớn Luffy, viewers also receive their first glimpse of Roronoa Zoro during the Romance Dawn arc — the swordsman's iconic introduction in Shells Town is still a highlight of the series over two decades later. These massive character introductions get One Piece started on the perfect note, and for this reason alone, the Romance Dawn Arc deserves its laurels.


Although the formation of the Straw Hat Pirates technically occurs in One Piece's first episode, it isn't until the Syrup Village arc that the group finally starts lớn feel lượt thích a cohesive unit. By the kết thúc of their struggle against Kuro & the black Cat Pirates, Luffy, Zoro, Usopp, and Nami are all firmly committed khổng lồ one another as friends.

Kuro's dastardly plan to annihilate the inhabitants of Syrup Village forces the town's loudmouthed sniper to spring to action, and because of his courage, the Straw Hat Pirates are able khổng lồ defeat one of the East Blue's most heinous pirate crews. Despite being a relatively short arc, the events of Syrup Village are substantial enough lớn justify a rewatch for even the most die-hard fans.


Every arc that results in a new thành viên of the Straw Hat Pirates is extremely noteworthy, & the Drum Island arc is no exception. With Nami battling a life-threatening illness, Luffy và his crew arrive on Drum Island desperate for a doctor to join their ranks.

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Luckily for the Straw Hats, they encounter Tony Tony Chopper — a reindeer-turned-doctor determined khổng lồ cure all the world's diseases. His touching backstory, the arc's despicable antagonist, Wapol, và the struggle of Drum Island's inhabitants all serve as the perfect backdrop for an addition khổng lồ the Straw Hat Pirates.

The Loguetown Arc represents a bit of a juncture point for the Straw Hat Pirates. As their last stop in East Blue, Loguetown signals the true beginning of Monkey D. Luffy's journey as a pirate. There, he encounters characters like Monkey D. Dragon, Buggy the Clown, và Captain Smoker, eventually being placed in the same pillory as Gol D. Roger himself.

With its vast array of characters and attachment lớn the lore of One Piece, the Loguetown Arc foreshadows many elements of Luffy's journey across the Grand Line. Although the liminal nature of the Straw Hats' stop at Loguetown limits the arc's potential, it is still one of the best sequences in the entire series.

When the Straw Hat Pirates arrive on Baratie, they are still in their infancy as a crew. Although Nami is traveling with them, Luffy, Usopp, and Zoro are the only concrete members, speaking lớn how early in the series this arc is. However, by its end, Sanji joins the crew, filling one of its most needed roles — cook.

Watching Sanji's backstory with the chefs of Baratie brings tears khổng lồ the eyes of even the most seasoned fans, but despite its significance, the highlight of these episodes has to be the appearance of Dracule Mihawk. His actions demonstrate the ceiling of nguồn in the world of One Piece while also providing an iconic character moment for Roronoa Zoro.

Although the Jaya arc effectively functions as a thiết lập for the events of Skypiea, it's worth as a narrative should not be discounted. An entire slew of characters — Bartholomew Kuma, Bellamy, Blackbeard, Doflamingo, Mont Blanc Cricket, Sengoku, the Five Elders, và Whitebeard, lớn name a few — were introduced during this arc, making it one of the most jam-packed sequences in all of One Piece.

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Blackbeard and Monkey D. Luffy's conversations about chasing their dreams would be enough for this arc to warrant mention. However, the additional scenes involving the Straw Hat Pirates' conflict with Bellamy and the struggle of Mont Blanc Cricket solidify it as one of the best in the series.

Thriller Bark is yet another underrated story arc in the series. Initially, it starts with a hilarious atmosphere full of classic One Piece gags. The situation quickly escalates as the Straw Hats unite to lớn defeat the Warlord Gecko Moria và his giant zombie Oars.

This arc is also popular for introducing the Straw Hats musician Brook và showcasing Roronoa Zoro's standoff against Bartholomew Kuma. In one of his greatest moments in the series, he prevents Kuma from killing Luffy by agreeing lớn take on all the pain he suffered in his fight with Moria — an act that nearly destroys him in the process.

After the events of Marineford, the entire One Piece world is in shock. The Post-War arc details the fallout of Whitebeard's battle against the World Government while also launching the series toward the New Era, providing what is arguably the most important segue in the whole show.

Jinbe & Blackbeard step down as Warlords of the Sea during this arc, but the biggest development has khổng lồ be each Straw Hat Pirates' plan for the time skip. Seeing them prepare khổng lồ train for two years without each other's company is a bittersweet sight that few fans will forget.

The Straw Hat Pirates' return to lớn Sabaody Archipelago makes for one of the shortest arcs in the entire series. However, this sequence doesn't suffer whatsoever from its brevity, providing some of the most exciting reveals of any arc in One Piece.

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Each of the Straw Hats appears one by one during this arc, showing off their post-timeskip appearances. Their visual designs are stunning; however, they pale in comparison khổng lồ the brief glimpses of power nguồn we see from each character. They all receive an opportunity to lớn display their growth, making quick work of the Marines and Pacifistas located on the island.

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The Fishman Island arc was initially supposed khổng lồ happen before the time skip in One Piece. However, due to the Straw Hat Pirates separating at Sabaody, the events were postponed until after the two-year timeskip. Having Rayleigh coat their ship, the Straw Hat crew finally sets off for their adventure in the New World by going to Fishman Island.

The arc effectively tackles the important issues of the series such as racism & the poor treatment of Fishmen. Further, Monkey D. Luffy picks a fight with the Yonko Big Mom after defeating Hody Jones. Most importantly, Nico Robin reveals Shirahoshi's identity as Poseidon.

The Skypiea arc is one of the more underrated arcs in the series. It has all the elements necessary for a great adventure, as well as the most unique environment in the One Piece world. The Skypiea arc also reveals some vital information regarding the mysterious Poneglyphs. Towards the kết thúc of the arc, Robin finds one that not only reveals the identity of the Ancient Weapon Poseidon but also features a message from Gol D. Roger.

In it, the former Pirate King hints that the truth of the Void Century lies at Raftel, the final island of the Grand Line and the rumored location of the legendary treasure One Piece. Throw in a heart-wrenching narrative involving the Shandorians & Mont Blanc Noland, và this arc ranks among the best in the show.

Sabaody Archipelago is an emotionally gripping arc that explores the darker themes of the series such as racism and slavery. It also introduces the Celestial Dragons, descendants of the founders of the World Government who wield absolute political power. After a Celestial dragon shoots one of Luffy's friends & tries lớn enslave another, the Straw Hat pirate retaliates by punching him in the face.

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While this was undoubtedly a satisfying moment for many fans, it also resulted in the Straw Hats being targeted by Marine Admiral Kizaru. Not only did they experience the feeling of bitter defeat, but they also witnessed just how overwhelming the government's military nguồn can be.

Many fans refer to lớn the Water 7 & Enies Lobby arcs as the same, but technically, they are separate entities. Water 7 handles everything up khổng lồ the Straw Hats' departure for Enies Lobby, và although it isn't quite as impactful as the story that follows, it still makes for one of the show's best arcs.

While in Water 7, the Straw Hat Pirates undergo some serious changes. Robin & Usopp each leave the crew for separate reasons, forcing Luffy to finally demonstrate his capacity to handle conflict among his crew. In addition khổng lồ this, Franky is introduced to the series, resulting in one of the most Straw Hat-heavy sequences in their entire journey.

The Punk Hazard arc is one of the most iconic arcs in One Piece for more than one reason. Not only does it mark the beginning of the Dressrosa Saga, but it also sets Luffy's battle against the Yonko in motion. The arc sees Luffy & Law join forces và form a pirate alliance lớn take down one of the Four Emperors — Kaido.

Interestingly, fans also get khổng lồ see Dr. Vegapunk's artificial Devil Fruits in action. Furthermore, the arc ensures that Dressrosa begins while firing on all cylinders as Vergo's death at the hands of Trafalgar Law causes Doflamingo to set out in chase of the alliance itself.

As the Sanji-Retrieval Team heads off to lớn Wano Country having escaped from Big Mom's clutches, fans are shown several episodes covering the Reverie — a political meeting between many of the most important characters in the entire series.

Interestingly enough, fans also get to lớn see the Revolutionary Army commanders for the first time. Other than them, heaps of older characters are present at the meetup, each with different agendas in mind. The Shichibukai system abolition is put forward, but most importantly, the King of World — Imu — is revealed as well.

The Impel Down arc begins with Luffy infiltrating the infamous Impel Down prison to lớn save his brother Portgas D. Ace from execution. At first, his attempt fails following his defeat against warden Magellan. However, thanks khổng lồ the interference of the revolutionary Emporio Ivankov & former enemy Mr. 2 Bon Clay, he survives & continues his mission to save Ace.

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Throughout the entire arc, Luffy demonstrates the full extent of his overwhelming ambition and charisma as he recruits new allies like Ivankov, former Warlord Jimbei, and even former enemies like Buggy the Clown and Crocodile. In the end, Luffy và his allies successfully escape Impel Down while also dealing a fatal blow to lớn the World Government.

The Zou Arc follows Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates' journey after the events of Dressrosa. The arc is rather short but akin to Sabaody Archipelago, it is chock-full of material for fans to lớn sort through. The appearance of Zunesha, the giant elephant that supports the island of Zou, is also vital khổng lồ later events in the series.

The Zou arc marked the beginning of the Yonko Saga and revealed the concept of the Road Poneglyphs lớn the fans. The Pirate-Ninja-Mink-Samurai Alliance was formed, & Luffy phối out with the Rescue-Sanji các buổi party to recover his crewmate from the grasp of the Vinsmoke Family & the Yonko Big Mom.

The Dressrosa arc serves as the first major challenge for Luffy và his crew since their arrival khổng lồ the New World. It also reveals the history behind one of the strongest and most evil villains in One Piece — Donquixote Doflamingo. With his crew divided, Luffy allies himself with a group of pirates và warriors that suffered under Doflamingo’s brutal regime.

This arc also features the return of Luffy’s adoptive brother Sabo, as well as the introduction of his long-anticipated Gear Fourth transformation. By the arc's conclusion, Luffy và his allies have established the Straw Hat Grand Fleet, a group that is foreshadowed to shake the very foundations of theworld.

Most fans agree that the Arlong Park arc marks the moment when One Piece started to take off properly. Eiichiro Oda started khổng lồ expand the One Piece world by introducing the concept of Fishmen và the Seven Warlords. It is also here that fans learn the truth about Nami's backstory, which was the most tragic and emotional at the time.

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Furthermore, it also features some of the highest stakes in the series at the time. With Nami's freedom & the lives of everyone in her hometown hanging in the balance, Luffy’s fight against the Arlong is packed with plenty of emotional intensity.