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One Piece Read up on the latest One Piece franchise News, nhận xét and Features from the team at vanphongphamsg.vn.

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Cast: Mayumi Tanaka, Kazuya Nakai, Colleen Clinkenbeard, Christopher Sabat, Kerry Williams, Kappei Yamaguchi, Sonny Strait, Hiroaki Hirata, Eric Valette, Ikue Ootani
Every Known Mythical Zoan Devil Fruit in One Piece – and Their Abilities The Mythical Zoan Devil Fruits of One Piece grant their users various transformative powers, categorized into artificial, mythical, và ancient types.

One Piece Theory: Gold Roger’s Egg Is on Laugh Tale The enormous egg aboard the Oro Jackson may be one of the things Gold Roger left waiting for aspiring Pirate Kings on the New World"s final island.

The Strongest Attacks In Anime, Ranked Anime has some of the craziest & coolest attacks in all of pop culture, but which among them is the strongest? vanphongphamsg.vn finds out.

10 Best Things About One Piece's Worst Heroes No matter how much fans and viewers hate them, characters like Boa Hancock & Usopp still have qualities that are admirable.

One Piece Creator's Donation of Luffy's Bounty khổng lồ His Hometown Silenced Haters One Piece Creator Eiichiro Oda donates over 800 million yen lớn earthquake reconstruction efforts, silencing those who once opposed the artist.

One Piece Live-Action Episode Names & Run Times Reportedly Leak New details about Netflix’s live-action One Piece adaptation emerge on Twitter, giving fans an idea of what they can expect from Season 1.

na-ru-to Vs. Luffy: Who Wins? One Piece & Naruto are two iconic Shonen Jump series, but who would have the advantage in a fight between Luffy & Naruto?

10 Anime Villains Stronger Than They Look Anime villains such as Dorohedoro"s Ebisu and Pesci from JJBA: Golden Wind are much stronger than their appearances might suggest.

One Piece: Buggy Keeps Failing Up – Now, He Has a Real Chance to Find the One Piece Though he may have started out as a one-off joke character, Buggy is now more primed than ever khổng lồ become the next King of the Pirates.

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One Piece Creator Joked About Creating a 'Two Piece' Sequel After the Series Ends One Piece creator Eiichiro Oda jokingly suggests a spinoff khổng lồ his popular Shōnen Jump series, as the final storyline is about to lớn set sail.

10 Best Female-Female Friendships In Shonen Anime Some shonen anime feature iconic girl-girl friendships, such as Becky và Anya from Spy x Family and Ochako and Tsuyu from My nhân vật Academia.

Is the One Piece Dub Catching Up to lớn the Sub? One Piece"s English dub has made great strides to overcome the five-year gap between itself and the Japanese subs. They should be all caught up soon.

10 Most Underrated Anime Arcs Of All Time, Ranked From Hunter x Hunter"s video clip game world to Naruto"s tìm kiếm for the Fifth Hokage, these anime arcs don"t get as much credit as they deserve.

Bleach Mangaka Once Declared He 'Hated' One Piece's Creator Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War creator Tite Kubo jokingly declared on the radio that he "hated" Eiichiro Oda, the manga artist behind One Piece.

How Awakenings Are Used in Shonen Anime Here are some examples of what makes for good & bad mid-battle power-ups as seen in popular titles from Weekly Shonen Jump"s catalog.

10 Most Problematic Anime Women, Ranked From scandalous superheroes khổng lồ manipulative princesses, these anime women caused a lot of problems.

One Piece Animator Declares Its Finale Will Overshadow Bleach, Demon Slayer One Piece animator Henry Thurlow is hyping up anime fans for the finale of Wano Country by assuring them the best has yet to come.

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One Piece: Luffy's Fire Powers Were the First Sign of His Awakening With the revelation that Luffy secretly ate Sun God Nika Devil Fruit, the secret behind his fire powers might finally have been revealed

One Piece Chapter 1082 Recap & Spoilers: Let's Go và Take It!! Chapter 1082 of One Piece brings back one of its beloved characters from the dead, and he comes bearing some very important news.

One Piece: Why (and How) the Straw Hats Took a Two-Year Break One Piece set the standard for how khổng lồ pull off a good shonen anime timeskip. So what sets it apart from how other stories handle similar jumps?