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----------------------------------------This Sasuke arc is getting more interesting now with Orochimaru appearing. The whole gang of Karin, Jugo, Suigetsu etc also returned in this. I really hope they get more screen time.Kindomain authority surprised by the tournament-lượt thích fight in this arc. The human zombie bomb threat is still pretty relevant.

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It was great seeing what Orochimaru is doing now.I liked his reaction when Sasuke said that the girl is older than hlặng.

Orochimaru's next plot for immortality phối.Yamato, the hell is he going to do?! XDso that was the bait, now how will he lose?a man that harvests kekkai genkai, spooky
Lol Orochimaru & his dirty tricks, using Sasuke as bait to draw out Oyashiro. It was a pretty smart plan though. I'm actually liking this stuff so far so I'm definitely interested to see what happens next.
enjoying the arc so far..... I hope everything goes on shippuden... the more I see it the more I realise that it's not even narulớn shippuden anymore
It was smart for Orochimaru to lớn use Sasuke as bait lớn lore out En Oyashiro. I'm enjoying this arc.
Arc is damn amazing. Got me on the edge of my seat, just wish I saw Sasuke kicking that guy's ass.
Okay but Kakashi's question in the first minutes of the episode is literally me. Please Sasuke go to lớn Konoha just a little khổng lồ see Sakura haha WHY BRING ITACHI OMG LET ME CRY but I'm with Chino, go baông chồng khổng lồ the village & start working on your clan Sasuke dear haha Very interesting episode, can't wait for the next one!
Hm... Any ideas why they changed Karin's VA? She has been voiced by Toa Yukinari in this episode for some reason.
Good to lớn see Orochimaru và the other guys again, I wanted Sasuke lớn defeat that guy but well, the story needs lớn progress.
I'd never read the light novels or even knew what they were about besides who they were centered around. I'm very pleasantly surprised by how good this arc has been so far và I hope it stays this good.
Albi-kun said:I loved the dialogue on the boat. Orochimaru using Sasuke as bait was a very nice twist.

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What twist? It was pretty obvious Sasuke was the bait. In fact, I'm kindomain authority shocked Sasuke didn't realise it earlier.
Albi-kun said:I loved the dialogue on the boat. Orochimaru using Sasuke as bait was a very nice twist.
What twist? It was pretty obvious Sasuke was the bait. In fact, I'm kinda shocked Sasuke didn't realise it earlier.
Well, we didn't know Orochimaru was part of the competition until the presenter mentioned hyên ổn. I thought the bait would simply be a random ninja that happened to reach the final.
Really enjoying this arc. It's good to see post manga Shippuden can still pump out good stories và fill in the blanks that the manga didn't touch on with characters like Orochimaru và Sasuke.
I didn't understand the whole person owns a shinobi... Like what's with the phối up. Maybe the sub wasn't accurate, but after a great war, we now have sầu corporations owning ninjas (who were probably trained at a Hidden Village) pitting them in a Colosseum... like aren't these ninjas then missing-nin or what... what kage or jounin leader would be lượt thích ah you're gonmãng cầu go serve some corporation? Go aheadAnd these companies too... even with only a 5 year time skip... that's a big jump lớn start having business suit CEOs...Regardless.. still enjoyable and nice.
I wasn't really sure how this would turn out with last episode's so-so moment at the start, but now that the focus is on Sasuke this has my full attention. Lots of questions and speculation I had from the war were answered và implied. Since the war is over, I imagine the major nations are on better terms which leads khổng lồ more discreet dealings lượt thích this behind the scenes.Something else I noticed is that the person in last episode's pre-OP.. intro was small like Chino. Makes me wonder if eternal loli her condition is related khổng lồ this case.

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I just loved Orochimaru's shocked expression when Sasuke said Chino is older lol. He was mad because someone is trying khổng lồ rival his immortality by looking even younger.Anyway, it's a fun episode. Taka, mention of Kabulớn as in gaiden, Yamato, Orochimaru-sama doing what he pleases.
Eeeeeeeh she is older than Sasuke have you seen Orochimaru's face he was like wtf huh & this Sasuke story is getting really intersting & that opening is really good
This Sasuke arc is quite interesting.So that kid is actually older than Sasuke, Even Orochimaru was surprised. :oThe interaction on the boat was really good, Though like Orochimaru says, Narulớn probably wouldn't think of something lượt thích that.Classic Orochimaru, Using Sasuke as bait. XD
One thing I really cant understand, why are they showing light novels in a wrong order. Shouldn't Kakashi Hiden be first. I mean even if they skip it, it doesn't make sense to show Shikamaru Hiden after Sasuke Shinden. I would say probably a typical Studio Pierrot mistake
Lol just lượt thích Sasuke khổng lồ reply khổng lồ the summons with a request for independent ops so even out here Sasuke's name is known eh Hmilimet so Chino & her friover wants to lớn accompany Sasuke eh well the chiefs daughter did treat them well so it makes sense that they would lượt thích lớn avenge her Hmilimet so Chino is actually than she looks eh lol but she is right in not judging someone by their appearance thoughLol Chino can be quite persistent though but at the same time can act lượt thích a normal girl too lol hmm i forgot that Sasuke never actually met Yamato lớn so this is their first meeting eh so Yamato's one of the guards guarding Orochimaru eh Yamato is one person that you can't lie lớn & get away with it lolHmm the merchant of death eh kind of a apt name for a weapons trader Getting Orochimaru to help lol Lol Chino's expression after Orobỏ ra left the room though a full bộ of being both angry và frustrated eh lol so thats who Orođưa ra was fetching Sasuke's old crew eh Karin's love sầu for Sasuke is as svào as ever i see Karins arguments with Suigetsu is still as funny as ever though Hmilimet so thats why Sasuke is not returning lớn the village then the fact that its Orochimaru who tried to destroy the village countless times is the one that is trying lớn stop the same from happening is kind of ironic So Karbulớn is now the director of a orphanage eh Quite a theory that Orochimaru has there eh insurance for something that the villagers can't stop eh hmilimet an island of wealth eh hmilimet so a market of shinobi in the form of a survival game eh so the guy that they are looking for is a collector of powerful shinobi eh Looks lượt thích Chino has deeper pain behind her eh lol putting Sasuke in as a contestant but then again this is the best way of getting to lớn the target i guess hmm his opponent is not an easy one eh but man what a way to kết thúc that episode an explosion in that area would cause a lot of casualties A good episode actually Sasuke going lớn Orochimaru for help certainly was a surprise and it was nice lớn see not just his old gang but also Yamalớn as well. The concept of a aremãng cầu that houses a survival game between ninjas that acts as a sort of ninja market was a interesting concept. The overall plot is pretty interesting so far