Me Cung Cave is located on Lom Bo Island, about 2 kilometers southwest of TitovIsland, another popular Halong bay location. Me Cung Cave is perched on a steep slope about 25 meters above sea level. According lớn the explanation of many archaeologists, Me Cung Cave is identified as one of the cultural archaeological digs of Halong Bay in early time by the archaeologists (from 10,000-7000 years ago). Due khổng lồ its intricate inner structure with multiple barriers & restricted space, the locals refer lớn it as Me Cung Cave. When tourists enter the cave, they may feel as if they are getting lost in a magnificent maze, so it was given the name "Me Cung," which means "maze."

It is belonged lớn Lan Ha Bay- a partof Heritage - The World Wonder of Ha Long bay with a very complex structure: multiple compartments, multiple levels, large niches within the scale of the stone roof và a more than 100 meters long corridor. As its name implies,Me Cung Cave is one of many famous attractions in Halong cất cánh created by the hands of the Mother Nature.

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Me Cung Cave

After visitng Maze Cave’s gate, tourists can see a small discreet cave system behind. While walking inside, visitors may get the feeling as if they are entering a great palace of a Persian King. The combination of the light shining from the outer, sparkling stalactites in diverse shapes & sizes drooping lượt thích multi-colored curtains make Me Cung Cave shimmering and fanciful like in paradise.

Going out of the grotto & climbing up several rugged stone stairs then looking down, you see a large round lake surrounded by the mountain. It is trang chủ to many kinds of fish, shrimps, octopuses, algae, seaweed, and coral. Near the lake is an area of old trees that is well known as an alluring “royal garden”.

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Me Cung Cave

Me Cung Cave is around 8 kilometers from Halong City's mainland. To go lớn this cave, you can board a cruise ship fromBai Chay or Tuan Chau or book a tour of Halong bay Cruise Deals. We are not only takeyou to explore Me Cung Cave in the most thorough way but also discover many highlightdestinationsin Halong cất cánh (depend on the type of tour) such as Sung Sot Cave, Viet hai Village, Cat tía Island, etc. From the tourism wharf, it will take you nearly 2 hours on the ship to lớn reach Lom Bo Island và Me Cung Cave.

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Nowadays, thanks to lớn the staff of Park & Cave Conservation Center (Ha Long bay Management Board) interest, protect so Maze Lake ecosystem is increasingly better. With an interesting story that is related lớn the archeology and historical sediments, Maze Cave is a promised an attractive eco-tourism destination in the future.