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Choose the correct answers :

41. "Is this the address khổng lồ _________ you want the package sent ?"

A. Where B. That C. Which D. Whom

42."Excuse me, but there is something about _____ immediately." "Certainly."

A.which I must speak to lớn you B.which I must speak to you about it

C. That I must speak to you about D. That I must speak lớn you

43. Most folk songs are ballads ____ have simple words & tell simple stories.

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A. What B. Whose C. How D. That

44. A battery is a device _________ electricity by chemical means.

A. It produces B. By which production of

C. Produces D. Which produces

45 I have three brothers, _________ are policemen.

A. That all of them B. Who they all

C. All of whom D. Who all of them

46. The agreement ended 6 -month negotiation. It was signed yesterday.

A.The agreement which ended 6-month negotiation was signed yesterday.

B.The agreement which was signed yesterday lasted 6-month.

C.The negotiation which lasted six month was signed yesterday.

D.The agreement which was signed yesterday ended 6-month negotiation.

47. The novel "Tom Sawyer", ______ was written by Mark Twain, is my all-

time favourite.

A. That B. What C. Which D. Who

48. Everything ______ they said was true.

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A. Which B. What C. How D. That

49. Yesterday she had to bởi a difficult English test for ______ she did not


A. It B. That C. Which D. What

50. _______ was a French Emperor, fought his final battle in Waterloo.

A. Napoleon Bonaparte who C. Napoleon Bonaparte, that

B. Napoleon Bonaparte, who D. Napoleon Bonaparte, whose

51. Vicky, __________ name was missed off the list, wasn’t very pleased.

A. Which B. Whom C. Whose D. Who

52. The new computer system _____________ for the post office will allow

accounts to be managed over the Internet.

A. Thiết kế B.designing C. Designed D.which designing

53. Many forest fires are caused by cigarettes ___________ out of cars.

A. Are throwing B. Have thrown C. Throw D. Thrown

54. The man_________ part in the robbery refused khổng lồ give any information.

A. Took B. Taking C. Khổng lồ take D. Who take

55. The travel agent gave me a brochure _______ all the needed information.

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A. Contains contain C.containing D.which contain

56.I read `The Old Man & the Sea ’, ________written by Ernest Hemingway.