Irish coffee cocktail recipe


Let’s warm up with classic Irish coffees! I used khổng lồ make Irish coffees during my bartending days, và thought it would be fun to revisit the recipe và make them from scratch.

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Classic Irish coffees are made with just four ingredients: hot coffee, Irish whiskey, sugar and whipped cream. Oftentimes in restaurants, Irish coffees are overwhelmingly sweet and rich. I love sầu making them at trang chủ because you can make them exactly how you like them.

Plus, Irish coffees are so simple to lớn make. You don’t need bartending experience or any special equipment khổng lồ whip these up.


My favorite Irish coffees are made with freshly brewed coffee, high-unique Irish whiskey, và topped with real whipped cream, which you can make in about 10 minutes if you have sầu the time. It is worth the effort.

My only twist on the classic recipe is lớn use real maple syrup instead of sugar. Natural maple syrup flavors play beautifully with coffee và whiskey, & it blends right in since it’s liquid. Easy!


How lớn Make the Best Irish Coffee

Start by gathering high unique ingredients, then:

1) Brew your favorite coffee.

I like dark roast best in Irish coffees, personally, but that’s my general preference. Freshly brewed coffee is the way khổng lồ go!

2) Add Irish whiskey to a mug.

I’m partial khổng lồ Jameson. It’s the brand we used lớn make Irish coffees when I was a bartender. Bushmills is a less expensive option.

3) Sweeten with some maple syrup.

Mind you, I like my coffee black in the mornings, but a little sweetener takes the edge off the whiskey. You could use regular sugar or brown sugar instead, but maple syrup tastes better and blends in more easily.

4) Add a splash of coffee.

Gently stir khổng lồ blkết thúc. Then fill the mug with coffee, leaving about 1/2-inch at the top for whipped cream.

5) Top with whipped cream.

Bonus points if you’re using real whipped cream. So good!


Irish Coffee Variations

I love sầu these classic Irish coffees exactly as written, but here are some fun ways to change them up.

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Choose decaf coffee for an after-dinner drink. That is, unless you can drink coffee after 3 pm và still go lớn bed on time—in which case, I salute you.Serve sầu it on ice. Pour cold brew coffee or double-strength brewed coffee over a cup filled with ice. Add a splash of half và half và skip the whipped cream.Make it extra creamy and rich. Substitute Irish cream (like Bailey’s) for some or all of the whiskey.Make it quichồng. Skip the homemade whipped cream và add a splash of half và half instead.Lighten it up. If you’re looking for a less boozy drink, simply ease up on the whiskey.Make it alcohol-free. Skip the whiskey và you have sầu a delicious homemade coffee drink (nothing Irish about it, but hey, it’s tasty).

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Please let me know how you like this Irish coffee in the comments! I love sầu hearing from you and hope this cocktail adds some extra cheer khổng lồ your holidays.