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Thursday, June 17, 2021

Work Begins on vanphongphamsg.vn Emergency Services Project


Tuesday, May 25, 2021

New Focus Helps vanphongphamsg.vn Grad Turn Life Around

Focus On Student Success

I was able lớn meet the most diverse group of people at vanphongphamsg.vn. As an African student, I could sit by a veteran, a mother with four kids, or a young student who just came khổng lồ college & doesn’t know where he’s going with his life.

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Arnaud, Business Management Student

Focus On Student Success

I came to lớn vanphongphamsg.vn because I knew it would be better for me than a four-year college, & I wanted more education after high school.

Chaz, HVAC/R Student

Focus On Student Success

I love the instructors here. They are flexible, superfriendly, & are always there when you have sầu questions.

Sami, Cosmetology Student

Focus On Student Success

Labs are really hands-on, và having a variety of people you can practice on helps you get a feel for a real work environment.

Keng, Physical Therapist Assistant student

Focus On Student Success

I was interested in learning more about business and maybe even getting a four-year business degree someday, so I thought if I could getthecollege education while still in high school, & it is a subject that interests me, there's no reason not to lớn vì it.

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Grant, River Falls High School Academy Student

Focus On Student Success

The best thing about my experience is improving my English language và connecting with many people from different countries in the world.

Regina, ELL Student

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