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Genres: ActionAction, AdventureAdventure, ComedyComedy, EcchiEcbỏ ra, FantasyFantasy, MagicMagic, ShounenShounen
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SynopsisIn the mystical realm of Earth L&, magic exists at the core of everyday life for its inhabitants, from transportation lớn utilities và everything in between. However, even with all its benefits, magic can also be used for great evil; therefore, to lớn prevent dark forces from upsetting the natural order of things, there exists a system of magical guilds in the Kingdom of Fiore. Under the command of their respective guild masters, these guilds are made up of witches và wizards who take on various job requests to earn fame and fortune. One particular guild stands high above sầu the rest in both strength & spirit, and its name is Fairy Tail.In his quest to find his Long foster father—Igneel—Natsu Dragneel, a fiery và reckless mage, and his partner Happy run inlớn a young celestial mage by the name of Lucy Heartfilia, who reveals that it's her dream to become a full-fledged wizard and join the Fairy Tail guild. After rescuing her from an abduction attempt, Natsu offers her a home page in Fairy Tail. Now a member of the guild, Lucy teams up with Natsu & befriends fellow wizards Gray Fullbuster và Erza "Titania" Scarlet. Together, this motley crew phối out on their many adventures, gaining many faithful allies and deadly foes along the way.

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In 2009, Fairy Tail won the 33rd Kodansha Manga Award in shounen manga category, the Japan Expo Awards for the same category, & the Society for the Promotion of Japanese Animation's Industry Award for best comedy manga.It has received multiple adaptations; including a 175-episode TV series, a 102-episode sequel, and two animated films. It has also received several manga spin-offs by various authors, a side story novel series, và a magazine to its name, Monthly Fairy Tail, where some of the spin-offs were published.The series was initially published in English by Del Rey Comics, who released the first 12 volumes from March 25, 2008 to September 28, 2010. Kodansha Comics USA picked up the license and released the rest of the series from May 10, 2011 khổng lồ January 23, 2018. A large kích cỡ 5-in-1 omnibus edition subtitled Master's Edition has been published since November 10, năm ngoái. It has also been published in Spanish by Norma Editorial since October 30, 2008; in Italian by Star Comics since January 3, 2008; in Brazil by JBC since October 2010; in Polish by Studio JG since April 2016; and in Argentina by Editorial Ivrea since January 2017.
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