This Fairy Tail Chapter was lacking something from the start. I thought it might just be one of those fan service chapters Mishima puts in every now và again but luckily it wasn’t just that.

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Erza and Mirajane actually teamed up for once. 2 S-Class Mages working together… That is totally cool. & then they meet the old man who was once the magic council chairman and he seems to not have any vital information.

I thought this strange considering he was the chairman but didn’t think much of it…

He was old & dementia came lớn mind…

However, I was obviously wrong about it. That bastard… But I’ll talk about that later.

Erza và Mirajane then began to kick fodder ass. I mean these things came from all around & Erza & Mirajane were totally in kick-ass mode và took them all out.

There were a few more scenes although not as significant.

One where Elfman continues lớn plead with the ‘pretty horny’ Demon to lớn allow Lisanna to lớn live because obviously he’s going lớn choke her our sooner or later. She offers him lớn give up his soul because that’s what you got to do to make a deal with a demon. This shit reminded me of Supernatural but they are demons so it makes sense.


Another involving Mest- I mean Doranbolt as he swore to lớn destroy all the demons himself. I guess Cobra finally spilled the beans in exchange for freedom.


Oracion Seiss were reunited after the council prisons were destroyed. However the Dragon Slayer Cobra took out their previous master & nobody objected. Not even Midnight which I thought was pretty cool.The one in the middle is Midnight with the Master Brain in the đứng top right corner & Cobra with his snake at the bottom.

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And then suddenly Jellal pops up… Fangirls Apparently Doranbolt is leaving this task lớn Jellal.

But yeah…

Natsu, out of all people, suddenly realises the most important thing. Not like we weren’t already thinking it by now… But how does Tartaros know stuff that NOBODY, not even the current Council Members know… like the ex-chairman’s address.

I realised at this point và suddenly the scene with the tea popped up in my head. He had offered them tea when they had arrived. It’s the most often done trick by the bad guy so yeah…

Both Erza and Mirajane collapse và the chapter ends with Natsu heading for their rescue flying with Happy & the girls…

Our precious girls…

In the fat bastards arms.



Mirajane và Erza teaming up! That was just something everybody wanted to lớn see…

Jellal’s return! We all love Jellal!

Oracion Seis reforming! They were damn cool. Especially that Midnight and Cobra. I liked Doranbolt for keeping his word to lớn Cobra although he did have a trump card in his back pocket with Jellal & now Cobra & co are in for a bit of a problem despite gaining their freedom.

The Twist! This was well done. Hadn’t expected it. I mean someone like the former chairman betraying all of humanity and siding with the demons… Now that is something.


The spiked tea trick… That is old và appalling. Uncle Iroh would definitely not approve.

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To be honest, there wasn’t anything really funny about this chapter. Which is unusual for Fairy Tail. Although this face… The scene is awful… I mean how despicable can he be, holding our Fairies lượt thích that… BUT THAT FACE!!!


Overall, I enjoyed the twist despite the tea trick… I liked the fact we got lớn see Mirajane và Erza work together although we didn’t get much.

Despite that, at least something actually happened of note. I’ll give it an 8/10