How to market an ebook on a $10 budget


According to lớn Canadian e-reading retailer Kobo, ebook consumption almost doubled between April 2019 and April 2020. Authors và business owners alike are cashing in on this boom thanks to lớn the low cost of creating ebooks relative khổng lồ print books. But even a surge this big isn’t guaranteed lớn send your book flying off the virtual shelves. Once it’s out there, knowing how to lớn market your ebook will ultimately decide whether it sells. 

With a bit of careful planning, marketing your book doesn’t have to lớn cost the world. In fact, some of the most effective tactics are completely free. With this in mind, we’re giving you nine detailed pointers to lớn help you achieve your ebook marketing goals, all within a $10 budget.

1. Identify your target audience 


Before you start promoting your ebook, work out who exactly you are kinh doanh to by identifying your target audience.

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Though it may seem attractive to lớn cast your net wide & reach as many readers as possible, trying lớn appeal to lớn every possible reader is a losing battle. Focusing your sale efforts on a specific group that is actually likely to lớn convert into sales will be much more cost-effective.

Pro tip: Construct a proto-persona lớn represent your target audience. You should have an idea of their age, hobbies, & where they spend their time online. These characteristics will reveal where to lớn concentrate your marketing, your branding, và the tone và style of your copy. 

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A strong, standout website is key lớn grabbing your reader’s attention & letting them know more about you and how to buy your ebook. You don’t need to lớn be a professional web designer khổng lồ create a killer website — free providers such as WordPress & Wix offer customizable off-the-shelf templates almost anyone can use. 

When creating your website, there are four important things to keep in mind:

Keep it clear & simple