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Dragon Ball Super Episode 131: "The Miraculous Conclusion! Farewell, Goku! Until We Meet Again!!" Review

By Shawn Saris

Dragon Ball Super ends its 131-episode run with a glorious finale. Every scene received world-class treatment in care and the final battle hit all the right notes lớn add unexpected tension along with a satisfying conclusion. The story hit all the major beats as well, with the Frieza plotline culminating in an epic team-up between Goku and Frieza, while the overarching theme of trust brought khổng lồ a head just how important Goku’s allies were, as well as bringing khổng lồ light a new friendship between Toppo and Jiren.

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The Tournament of Power marked a noticeable increase in Super’s animation unique, & it’s clear that everything Toei Animation learned along the way was applied during Episode 131. Frantic & subtle character movements, the coloring on their bodies, and of course, the explosions of Ki energy were all so well done that it seems, lượt thích this last battle, Super reached an incredible new form. No moment highlights this more than the final combined attaông chồng of Goku and Frieza as their contrasting colors merge inlớn one giant blast that ultimately wins them the battle. Along with the visuals, the musical score was perfectly matched, hyping up the fight to lớn such a degree I found myself leaning closer to the screen with excitement.

The story didn’t take a baông chồng seat khổng lồ the incredible action, though & it was great to see how things were wrapped up while also foreshadowing potential events for the future. It’s almost unbelievable that Android 17 & Frieza could somehow have stayed hidden for so long, but their use in the final episode makes up for it as they each play an important role that I frankly couldn’t have seen any other character filling. Frieza in particular was a highlight. His ruthless style và boisterous attitude make hlặng such a thrill to watch, particularly when he thinks he has the upper h&. Having hlặng work with Goku during the final battle & how their teamwork complimented the overall theme of friendship và trust made those last moments even better. And, of course, it made the future of Frieza’s character a little more interesting too.

While I expected Frieza would get his life bachồng, it was surprising to see them already tease his return as Emperor of the Universe. Frieza is still on the back foot in terms of strength, so it does leave sầu me wondering how he will compete with Goku in that regard, even with Ultra Instinct inaccessible at the moment. His time spent with Goku surely left a mark as well, so how will that play inlớn their relationship going forward.

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Android 17 ended up being the anh hùng of the day. With the overarching theme of trust, it’s fitting that the once brutal villain now becomes the savior of all the erased universes. The Tournament of Power nguồn brought a lot of characters baông xã inkhổng lồ the fold, but none benefited from it as much as Android 17. He was essentially forgotten, but thanks lớn the Tournament of nguồn & the amazing arc he had throughout it, they’ve brought hyên ổn baông chồng & in wonderfully interesting ways. The revelation that Zen-Oh would have sầu erased everyone had 17 not wished for everyone to be saved only makes his wish better as it truly highlights how far Android 17 has come in such a short time.

Super defies the idea that the Saiyans can only save sầu the day. The kết thúc of Super won’t mean that the race for greater power is over, but no longer I fear characters becoming irrelevant just because they can’t asckết thúc khổng lồ greater forms, and it’s this sentiment that I am left with that has me most excited for the future of Dragon Ball. As great as Goku is as the anh hùng, allowing other characters lớn chia sẻ the spotlight makes for more interesting stories.Dragon Ball has never been shy about featuring Goku’s allies but never before has the trust between them been so important, so integral khổng lồ his success, than during this finale. It’s made for several touching scenes recently, but it was even more fully realized when it came down to lớn Goku and Frieza’s reliance on each other. These two are polar opposites in terms of character, but both with a desire lớn live sầu to fight another day & uphold the promises they made khổng lồ each other. It also carries through tactfully to Android 17, a former villain, making the prized wish, too. Toppo & Jiren also saw their own growth from this as is seen when Toppo stands up and cheers for his near-death comrade. While their friendship isn’t nearly as developed as others, it made for a touching moment as we saw the initial sparks forming.

The epilogue scene was a delightful sendoff for Dragon Ball Super. The Goku và Vegeta battle was a nice call-back to days gone by, & the presence of Frieza & his army makes an easy thiết đặt for future conflict. The fan in me would have liked lớn see anything else teased khổng lồ let the series simmer on until the inevitable next series arrives, lượt thích potential consequences for reviving all the universes, but I still came out incredibly happy with the over.

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Episode 131 is easily one of the best episodes in Dragon Ball Super. From beginning to lớn over it’s a standout in quality. The animation & audio thiết kế work perfectly together, making the final battle amazing khổng lồ behold. The story nails overarching themes of trust và friendship for all sides of the Tournament of nguồn then wraps up loose ends while leaving just enough open for future. Most of all, Episode 131 makes it clear that while Goku may be the nhân vật, his friends are equally as important, not to be forgotten as relics stuông chồng on the sidelines. While the ending may have kept things open-ended, it doesn’t change the fact that Dragon Ball Super ended on a truly special episode, not soon lớn be forgotten.