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ISELIN, N.J., Feb. 3, 2014 /vanphongphamsg.vn/ -- Effective sầu immediately, Real Estate Mortgage Network, Inc. (REMN) has changed its name to HomeBridge Financial Services, Inc. (HomeBridge). As one of the nation"s largest privately held, non-ngân hàng lenders, the company"s new name reflects its focus on making the trang chính mortgage process easier for customers.

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"The decision khổng lồ change our name from REMN to HomeBridge was based on many months of retìm kiếm và careful consideration," commented Peter Norden, chief executive sầu officer of HomeBridge. "We believe sầu it is a smart move sầu, particularly for our retail mortgage segment, because it directly correlates lớn what we bởi for trang chính buyers, home owners và housing industry professionals—we provide a bridge to lớn fulfilling the American dream of trang chủ ownership. We also believe sầu the HomeBridge name will help us continue lớn grow as more customers realize that one easy name represents exceptional service, fiscal strength & uncompromising integrity."

HomeBridge has grown significantly since its founding in 1989 & today comprises nearly 1,300 associates, more than 70 retail branches from coast lớn coast, two separate wholesale operations & a rapidly developing correspondent division. In addition, the company is an approved GNMA & FNMA seller servicer và services approximately 40,000 loans today.

In the fall of 2012, the company launched its correspondent division, HomeBridge Funding, & a second wholesale division, HomeBridge Wholesale, as separate business units under the REMN umbrella. Moving forward, these two divisions will maintain their existing names as divisions of HomeBridge Financial Services, Inc. Due lớn the chất lượng nature of its business và existing client base, the Company"s original wholesale division, REMN Wholesale, will not be changing its name.

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To tư vấn awareness of the HomeBridge name, ads will appear in national trade publications & more than 100 regional truyền thông outlets in key markets.

"As HomeBridge, we will continue lớn offer the flexibility & personal approach of a small business combined with the security of a large, financially stable corporation," added Mr. Norden. "We take great pride in being known for our dedication to customer service. Our focus on delivering a positive experience, instead of merely completing a transaction, will remain unchanged."

HomeBridge corporate headquarters will remain in Iselin, N.J. For more information, Hotline (866) 933-6342, gmail or visit www.HomeBridgeInc.com.

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About HomeBridge Financial Services, Inc.

HomeBridge Financial Services, Inc. is one of the nation"s largest privately held, non-bank lenders, with approximately 1,300 associates in more than 70 retail branches. Headquartered in Iselin, N.J., HomeBridge"s sole business is facilitating và securing trang chủ mortgages through its retail, wholesale và correspondent divisions. Founded in 1989 as Real Estate Mortgage Network, Inc., the company became HomeBridge in năm trước to lớn offer customers an easier-to-remember name that reflects its simplified approach lớn home mortgages. More information on HomeBridge Financial Services can be found online at www.HomeBridgeInc.com.