The moonlight sonata murder


The official dedicated Twitter for the 1000th episode celebration of Gosho Aoyama's "Detective Conan (Meitantei Conan)" TV anime series has announced Tuesday that the 11th episode of the Detective Conan series titled "Moonlight Sonata Murder Case" is having a TV series remake as 'one of the parts' of the 1000th Episode Celebration of the series. A key visual for the episode remake was released by the official website of Yomiuri TV, where the remake will be aired.

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The episode remake is divided into two-part episode which will serve as the 1000th and 1001st episode of the series and is scheduled to begin broadcasting on Yomiuri TV on March 6 and 13, respectively.

Detective Conan's 11th episode "Moonlight Sonata Murder Case" is considered one of the most-watched and the highly-rated episode of the entire series. The original episode was aired on April 8, 1996 and tells the story of Conan vowing to not let even culprits die.

Aimi Kobayashi, a classical pianist, will perform Beethoven's Piano Sonata No. 14 (famously nicknamed the "Moonlight Sonata") for the remake.

Detective Conan previously celebrated its 20th anniversary with a remake of the first two episodes of the anime in the 2016 special Detective Conan - Episode One: The Great Detective Turned Small, which Discotek Media licensed and released on July 28 earlier this year.

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The TV anime series adaptation of the original Detective Conan manga series by Gosho Aoyama was first aired in January 1996 by Yomiuri Telecasting Corporation and TMS Entertainment. It The anime resulted in the adaptations of several animated feature films, original video animations, video games, audio disc releases and live action episodes.

Its manga being serialized in Shogakukan's Weekly Shōnen Sunday since January 1994 has been collected into 98 tankōbon volumes as of April 2020. It has sold more than 230 million in circulation worldwide as of 2018, making it the fifth-best-selling manga series.

Both the manga and the anime have had positive response from critics for their plot and cases. The manga has been sold in 25 countries, while the anime has been broadcast in 40 countries.

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The Detective Conan series follows the high school detective Shinichi Kudo who was transformed into a child while investigating a mysterious organization and solves a multitude of cases while impersonating his childhood best friend's father and other characters.




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