The world is your classroom

Learn from anywhere with 365 Education apps lượt thích Teams, Word, PowerPoint, OneNote, Flipgrid, Minecraft, và more. 365 offers a variety of tools và features that tư vấn students of all ages and abilities. 

Enrich your student"s school experience and learn how they can use 365 apps to engage in core subjects & class discussions.

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Note: Every class is different. The guidance below is meant to introduce some of many possibilities for remote learning in 365. Individual schools may use different phầm mềm settings than those referenced below, and educators may use 365 in quality ways for each class.

What does my student need khổng lồ sign in to lớn their 365 account?

Students & educators at eligible institutions can sign up for Office 365 Education for miễn phí. Students can log in to lớn their school accounts at, where they’ll have miễn phí access khổng lồ Teams, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, & much more. From this home page base, students can open Office 365 apps in their website browser. Teams can be accessed online or downloaded to lớn a home or sản phẩm điện thoại device. Explore this quick-start guide that enables your student to learn on Teams right away. 


How does my student find and join a class team? 

Different schools and educators may manage the Teams thiết đặt process differently. To explore Teams & see which class teams your student is part of, help your student sign in khổng lồ their 365 account and select Teams. Students will also receive an gmail notification when they"ve sầu been added khổng lồ a class team. 

How will my student communicate with their educators và classmates?

By downloading & using Teams! Virtual class meetings make collaborative sầu learning easy. Teams is an online classroom hub where your student can learn in a class setting from the comfort of your own trang chủ. They can collaborate with small groups or meet one-on-one with educators for extra help.

Tip: Understvà more about communicating in Teams.


Each of your student"s classes has its own class team, phối up by an educator or IT admin.

Is my student’s communication và activity monitored in Teams?

Teams for Education is designed to serve as a digital classroom hub and offers many features that educators in classroom management. Educators can mute students who send distracting or inappropriate messages to group discussions and delete unproductive messages entirely.

As a communication platform with specific features lớn teaching & learning, Teams is a great opportunity for students to lớn build and practice digital citizenship alongside their academic learning.

Note: Protecting your student’s data is always’s top priority. Read more here about privacy in 365 apps. 

Is Teams simply a chat app, or can my student complete schoolwork there as well?

The built-in Assignments feature on Teams allows students to lớn access their assigned work, see due dates, and submit assignments directly in the app.

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To view specific class assignments, select the class on your student"s main Teams page. 

Tip: Learn more with your student about collaborating & creating great work in Teams. 



For other ongoing work, every class team has a OneNote Class Notebook, where students can take their own notes, read teacher handouts, & collaborate with other classmates. Students can access this nội dung in the Class Notebook app in each class team. 

How does my student turn in assignments using Teams? Can they kiểm tra their grades in Teams?

Students can turn in assignments by navigating khổng lồ their class team, selecting the Assignments tab and choosing which assignment they"d like to submit. There, they can attach any appropriate work và select Turn in.

Students can read more here about tracking and turning in assignments.


Students can see grades for their assignments, too! In each class team students can select the Grades tab to lớn see points earned on past work as well as educator feedbaông xã.

Read more about how students can navigate their grades.


How vì chưng I connect with my student"s educators?

Access direct messaging with educators using Teams! When an educator sends you a message in Teams, you will receive an tin nhắn invitation khổng lồ join the conversation và chat directly.

Use our guide for more help getting started.

Besides directly communicating with educators, how can I get updates about my student’s class activity?

Your student"s educators can set up automatic tin nhắn updates through Teams that inform you of their assignment statuses each week. 


How can my student access 365 apps?

Students & educators at eligible institutions can sign up for Office 365 Education không tính phí, accessing classroom tools like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote & more. Download 365 on sản phẩm điện thoại và trang chủ desktop devices, or sign inkhổng lồ 365 from a web browser, to access apps anytime, anywhere.

You can also kiểm tra out these tips to make sure your student"s devices—from computers and tablets lớn their mouse và keyboard—stay clean và safe.

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What if our home has low mạng internet bandwidth?

Chechồng out these tips, tricks, and best practices for more ways lớn learn from a distance with low internet bandwidth.

Where can my student access help with using Education tools?

Students have a help center made just for them! From the basics of using Teams to inspiring project ideas,"s student help center content is here lớn help students leverage Office 365 for their best learning experience yet!