People age 12 & older who live, work, or study in vanphongphamsg.vnachusetts can get vaccinated against COVID-19. People ages 12-17 can only get the Pfizer vaccine. People age 18 và older can get any vaccine. The vaccine is safe and effective. You don"t need an ID or insurance to lớn get it.

Currently, people ages 12-17 can only get the Pfizer vaccine.

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A legally authorized representative (usually a parent or guardian) must give permission (also called consent) for vaccination for someone 12-17 years of age, such as by completing a written consent form that the minor (the person under the age of 18) can bring to lớn their vaccination appointment. Please liên hệ the vaccination location for more information on written consent, or download a copy of the consent form below. People aged 12-17 are now eligible to lớn receive the Pfizer vaccine. 

The parent or guardian does not need lớn go with the minor to lớn their vaccination appointment khổng lồ give consent. If the parent or guardian is not accompanying the minor, they should download & complete a pre-vaccination screening size, available at vanphongphamsg.vn/CDCScreeningForm. The form is available in several languages.

Download a consent size for someone 12-17 years of age

Is the vaccine safe?

The COVID-19 vaccine is safe. COVID-19 vaccines available in vanphongphamsg.vnachusetts are made by three companies: Moderna, Pfizer, and Johnson & Johnson/Janssen. These vaccines were authorized by the Federal Food và Drug Administration only after they were shown lớn be safe and effective in studies (called clinical trials).

Currently, people aged 12-17 can only get the Pfizer vaccine.

The U.S. ensures that all vaccines are as safe as possible. 

In vanphongphamsg.vnachusetts, a group of infectious disease experts reviewed the safety of the COVID-19 vaccines. This workgroup confirmed that the COVID-19 vaccines authorized by the FDA are safe và effective sầu.

We understand the importance of being open và honest about the safety và development of the vaccine— especially for communities who have suffered consequences of medical mistreatment.

Hear from Dr. Lloyd Fisher, President of the vanphongphamsg.vnachusetts Academy of Pediatrics about the safety of the COVID vaccine for children:

Step 1: Preregister for a vanphongphamsg.vn vaccination or regional collaborative location, or find a location và schedule your appointment

There are different ways to lớn find a vaccine appointment:

vanphongphamsg.vnachusetts’ preregistration system makes it easier to request & schedule an appointment. People can preregister for a COVID-19 vaccine appointment at vanphongphamsg.vn vaccination locations & certain regional collaborative locations only. More locations will continue lớn be added.

Once you sign up for preregistration, you’ll receive sầu weekly status updates. You can opt out at any time if you find an appointment elsewhere. Once an appointment is available, you’ll be contacted with the opportunity khổng lồ book the appointment and have sầu 24 hours to accept it.

People without access to the mạng internet or who are unable to preregister or schedule their appointment online can hotline toll free 2-1-1 or (877) 211-6277 for assistance.

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The COVID-19 vaccine was developed quickly but all of the same safety steps were followed for this vaccine that are used for all vaccines. 

Vaccine companies were able lớn move sầu quickly because they used existing research and information on coronavirus & the government funded vaccine retìm kiếm. Tens of thousands of people volunteered to participate in vaccine studies khổng lồ prove the vaccine is safe và effective.

At the same time as these studies, vaccine companies started making the vaccine in hopes that it would be proven safe and effective. This meant vaccines were ready to lớn be distributed once they were approved. 

Since the vaccines were approved, millions of people of different races & ethnicities have sầu been vaccinated, and most have sầu only experienced mild side effects.

Vaccines prevent diseases that can be dangerous, or even deadly. They work with your body’s natural defenses to safely develop protection from a disease.

A vaccine helps your immune system lớn produce antibodies, just like it would if you were exposed lớn the disease. After getting vaccinated, you have protection from that disease, without having to lớn get the disease first.

This is what makes vaccines such powerful medicine. Unlike most medicines, which treat or cure diseases, vaccines prevent them.

Vaccines help our immune system fight infections in the future. The COVID-19 vaccine will protect us from the vi khuẩn that causes COVID-19 without having khổng lồ get the illness. 

The vaccine will help protect you by teaching your body toàn thân how khổng lồ recognize and fight the virut. The vaccine can help keep you from getting COVID-19, but even if you bởi vì get the vi khuẩn, it can keep you from getting very siông xã.

The COVID-19 vaccine approved for people under 18 years old, from Pfizer – is given in two doses, about three weeks apart. You need both doses lớn be fully protected. 

It takes a few weeks after the second dose to become fully protected. You may have a sore arm, aches, fatigue, or fever for a few days after getting the vaccine. These symptoms are a sign that your immune system is learning how khổng lồ protect you from the vi khuẩn.

What are the side effects of the vaccine?

Some people have side effects after being vaccinated (such as tiredness, headađậy, và pain at the injection site), which are normal signs that your body is building protection. These side effects may affect your ability to lớn vì chưng daily activities, but they should go away in a few days. If you develop respiratory symptoms like runny nose, cough, or loss of sense of smell or taste, these are not side effects of the vaccine và you should consider getting tested for COVID-19 or talk khổng lồ your healthcare provider.

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Learn more about vaccine side effects and what khổng lồ vị if you develop serious side effects here.